ECS Plus


ECS Plus: working in partnership with librarians and institutions to develop affordable Open Access (OA) for the future

ECS first launched its Author Choice Open Access in 2014, because ECS very strongly felt that enabling the research that we publish to be Open Access is in line with our mission of disseminating this important science as widely as we can.

We started out with a pilot model which allowed all authors affiliated with subscribing institutions to publish their papers as Open Access with no further charge. We were piloting it to explore its feasibility, both financially and practically, as part of our mission to support OA as far as we could in our publications. We publicized it well with our members and authors and had good take-up of the offer. Almost all of our papers that were published as OA in 2014 and 2015 were published under this scheme.

In another commitment to our libraries, though, we had promised not to increase subscription prices, and have stuck by that commitment since 2013. We wanted to continue to offer Article Credits to as many authors as possible, but also needed to ensure that our publications arm was self-sustaining.

We hope that ECS Plus achieves those things: a subscription to ECS Plus is exceptionally competitively priced (and is still subsidized by ECS), and we hope that the research library community will support both us and members of their science faculty who wish to publish Open Access by signing up to this offering.

A subscription to ECS Plus gives:

  • Unlimited online access to all current content published by ECS
  • Unlimited access to ECS’s full electronic archive, which currently goes back to 1930, for the duration of the subscription
  • Access in perpetuity to all of the content published in the year a subscription was held (from 2016)


  • Unlimited Article Credits for authors coming from the subscribing institution, allowing researchers affiliated with the institution to publish their articles as OA in ECS’s rigorously peer-reviewed publications with no further charge

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